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Monday, September 6, 2010

Glenn Beck

Some love him, some hate him and some are just FLAT OUT CONFUSED!

The prayer at the Restoring Honor rally in DC at Lincoln Memorial was odd. The man who lead the prayer kept saying "gods" and not just once but about 8x's (you can watch it:

Liberty University is "promoting" Glenn Beck as they posted on their website:

May 17, 2010 The Huffington Post wrote, Glenn Beck was recognized at Liberty University this weekend for his "tireless efforts to preserve the American ideal." (

Which one?
I'm confused.

I thought Glenn Beck was a Mormon. Why would "Evangelical Christians" be promoting a Mormon? (Are they using "friendship-evangelizism" with him?).

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  1. I agree about Glenn Beck. I never really liked his show because I think he is somewhat of an alarmist. But I do know a lot of Christians who went to the rally and loved it.


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